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We are a select group of independently contracted massage therapists. With our reliability and our exceptional experience and skills, we are the go-to massage center for Southern Oregon. Our clientele is made up of local residents and those visiting our area. In addition, we are counted on by dozens of doctors and chiropractors throughout the Rogue Valley who refer their patients to us with confidence.

You can be sure that the massage therapists that work with Siskiyou Massage are expertly trained and highly skilled. We will put you at ease as you enjoy massage therapy specifically tailored to your preferences and requirements. Consisting of some of the best massage therapists in Southern Oregon, the Siskiyou Massage team’s first priority is providing results-oriented massage therapy to residents and visitors in the Rogue Valley.

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Cate Airoldi is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage

Cate Airoldi LMT

Oregon License #20024

Cate Airoldi brings a focus on Orthopedic Assessment, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, and Passive Positional Release to Siskiyou Massage. Cate draws on her lifelong experience as an athlete to address postural misalignment, chronic pain, and acute injuries. As a competitive ultrarunner, Cate brings a movement-related perspective to her bodywork; effectively addressing a multitude of common orthopedic issues. She works with her clients in session to trace pain and dysfunction in the body to its source, treating complaints ranging from whiplash to plantar fasciitis to post-surgical pain. She uses a wide array of modalities in session to create a collaborative and therapeutic experience for her clients. In addition to the world of bodywork, Cate can be found pursuing her love of trail running and racing, climbing mountains, traveling, and studying the body! Cate’s articles and blogs: Thoughts on Massage & Physical Therapy Relationship Upper Crossed Syndrome: A Common Pain in the Neck Lower Crossed Syndrome: An Explanation of Inactivity and Muscle Imbalance The Pressure Series: Part 1 The Pressure Series: Part 2  

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Eniko Chandrika Banerjee is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon.

Chandrika Galbacs LMT

Oregon License #17473

An ethnic Hungarian from Eastern Europe by birth and East Indian in spirit, Chandrika Gabacs graduated from The Ashmead School of Massage in Everett, WA.  She had her own massage business in Europe and the past seven years has been living and working in Ashland, OR. Variegated influences from Chandrika’s life, combined with seventeen years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, flow creatively and intuitively into her practice of massage.  Her bodywork results in treatments that are deeply healing and restful, utilizing a therapeutic and holistic style, that is both specific and general.  Her integrative bodywork helps clients get in touch with their deeper wellsprings of healing.

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Dava Nimmo is an massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage Center

Dava Nimmo LMT

Oregon License #22534

Dava Nimmo attributes her highly effective, orthopedic style to her extensive background in health and wellness. Through her experience as a personal trainer, physical therapist aide, athletic coach, gym owner, and competitive athlete she has developed a keen intuition and strong understanding for the body and its biomechanics. Specializing in neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and range of motion techniques, Dava listens carefully to her clients and their bodies, selecting only the most effective techniques to address their needs. While approaching each session with experience, knowledge, and skill she also works from a place of compassion and mindfulness, which is felt through her healing touch.

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David Sullivan massage therapist Siskiyou Massage Ashland Oregon

David Sullivan LMT

Oregon License #22561

David Sullivan is a graduate from the Ashland Institute of Massage. He has a focus in myofascial release and specific, treatment-oriented bodywork. With a fluid approach influenced by his background as a martial artist, David blends his therapeutic work into a relaxing session with a calm and firm touch. His intuition and strong technical skills create a therapeutic massage treatment that addresses the unique needs of every client.

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Dawn Astrid, Dawn Brock Licensed Massage Therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Dawn Astrid LMT

Oregon License #23219

Dawn Astrid blends many different modalities in each personalized massage session. Myofascial release, cupping, shiatsu, and sports massage techniques are among the varied modalities that may be used in any given session to meet her client’s goals. She specializes in deep tissue, results-oriented techniques, but understands and has a great intuitive touch when it comes to knowing pressure. The most satisfying aspect of Dawn’s work is the client who is relieved of their pain and on their way to better health. Working with a sports chiropractor for most of her career, this deep tissue Jedi has worked with pre-Olympians and professional athletes including the Anaheim Ducks, Dodgers, Angels, and football, tennis, surf, golf, and volleyball players to name a few.  She understands sports injuries; works with pre and post op; and is knowledgeable in finding the source of pain. Dawn Astrid graduated with honors from the National Holistic Institute (NHI) in Emeryville, California in 2006. She has additional training in health education and was a TA at NHI during her time as a student there. Dawn received her yoga teaching certification in India in 2001. She loves travel and adventure.  Surfing and snowboarding are a big part of her life along with dance, nutrition, and spending time with her side kick Mergatroid, the best dog in the neighborhood.

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Jessica Masters Massage Therapist at Siskiyou Massage

Jessica Masters LMT

Oregon License #17950

Jessica Masters blends an integrative style of massage with her clinical training to effectively match the needs of her clients. She brings a comforting presence to her sessions and is able to provide lasting benefits through deep relaxation as well as specific orthopedic results. Jessica has developed her skills and experience by working with chiropractic patients for the last few years as well as receiving a certification as a Medical Massage Practitioner. Through her intuition and her excellent listening skills, Jessica is able to offer help in healing to a wide variety of clients. Outside of massage, Jessica plays music, enjoys raising her family, gardening, crafting, moving her body, and learning. WPCR_INSERT]

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Johanna Bouman, LMT

Johanna Bouman LMT

Oregon License #3265

Johanna Bouman has been practicing massage therapy since 1987 and is certified in a variety of modalities including: deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, medical massage, polarity therapy, cranial sacral level I, Chi Nei Tsang, and Swedish. Her work is deep, integrative and responsive to the needs of her individual clients. Johanna is a compassionate and intuitive healer whose work is born of a prayer for peace, relaxation, and a functional awareness of the body’s ability to heal itself. Her deepest intention is to help people connect to their own hearts and in that silence and spaciousness sprout the seeds of inner peace.

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Kevin LaChapelle is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Kevin LaChapelle LMT

Oregon License #14055

Kevin LaChapelle has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007. He has a decade of practice in chiropractic settings, working with diverse populations treating chronic and acute injuries. He uses forearms, elbows, knees, feet, thumbs, and hands to dial in on his clients’ most pressing issues. His style is focused on many techniques including Thai Massage techniques, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Acupressure, Cupping, Active & Passive Stretching, and Muscle Energy Techniques. He has an innate understanding of body armoring and the process of unwinding through his own continuous practice in the Internal Arts. As an active person, Kevin has experienced many injuries and accidents; he is empathetic and understands the healing process first hand! Along his paths of healing and studying bodywork, he has studied multiple body movement practices, martial arts and holistic body/mind practices. His studies are apparent in his work and are often helpful in directing his clients’ toward exercises or stretches that can help them meet their goals. Kevin incorporates Traditional Thai Massage techniques into his table work as well. He has traveled to Thailand twice, 2010 & 2018, to study with his teacher Homprang Chaleekanha. Thai Massage is fantastic for passive stretching and releasing energetic blockages. When not working, he can often be found lounging in a hammock by the creek. He really enjoys hiking, camping, traveling… and many other healthy endeavors!

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Melissa Malm, LMT

Melissa Malm LMT, NCTMB

Oregon License #17972

Melissa Malm is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with nearly two decades of experience and over 1500 hours of training from programs at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville and the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley. Melissa tailors every session to the needs of the individual on her table using the many modalities she has studied, including swedish, shiatsu, tui na, deep tissue, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, ortho-bionomy®, and myofascial release. She has great joy working with pregnant women and trained in prenatal & postpartum with Kate Jordan. She has also worked for years with professional musicians including several from the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Opera and Ballet Orchestras. When not in session, Melissa is spending time with her multi-generational family; going to the theatre; practicing yoga and tai chi; and hiking with her dog.

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Philip Whitmore, LMT Ashland Oregon

Philip Whitmore LMT, NCTMB

Oregon License #11678

Philip Whitmore is a treatment-oriented, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and director of Siskiyou Massage Clinic. He received his initial training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1999 and has since studied with leaders in the field of bodywork all over the country. Philip is passionate about keeping up with current treatment practices through regular continuing education and just as passionate about sharing that knowledge. He has taught classes and seminars on anatomy/physiology, myofascial release and advanced treatment techniques in the United States and abroad. Philip is not currently on the schedule for bodywork, but he is available for individual consultations and for group instruction in matters of bodywork and pain management. What folks have to say about Philip:  

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Randy is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Randy Watson LMT

Oregon License #22254

Randy Watson utilizes intuitive, integrative, and effective bodywork to help his clients heal around acute injuries as well as chronic pains which often stem from movement- or posture-related dysfunction. He recognizes that our systems have the intelligence to heal themselves if given the space and support. Exercising skill with neuromuscular therapies, myofascial release, intuitive energy work, deep tissue and sports massage techniques, Randy Watson assists clients to achieve a greater sense of overall well-being and freedom. He is influenced by the work and lineage of many teachers including Ida Rolf and Moshe Feldenkrais, as well as by various types of Asian and folk massage. Randy also practices a little-known form of Russian bodywork that deserves its own explanation. You can read more about it here. Randy’s personal understanding of bodies draws on over 20 years practice of several martial arts, experience with various sports, and his connection to the more-than-human world. He began studying massage therapy formally at the Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle, and in 2016, began studying Organic Intelligence ( with Steve Hoskinson. Feel free to check out this article on breath written by Randy in 2015 while working at a natural health clinic in Seattle, Washington

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Sara Glass, massage therapy, Siskiyou Massage, Ashland Oregon

Sara Glass LMT

Oregon License #21608

Sara Glass uses an integrative style of a deeply relaxing touch with a variety of therapeutic techniques to attain positive change with those that she works with. With the goal of improving the overall quality of life, Sara listens to each client’s needs and goals to develop her bodywork sessions and treatment plans. Sara’s bodywork skills include myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapies. Combined with over a decade of experience in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki, Sara’s techniques are very effective at reducing pain and increasing function in the body. Sara has assisted in teaching the Swedish Massage and Normalization of Soft Tissues (NST) classes at the Ashland Institute of Massage. The NST class with its focus on Structural Integration and Muscle Energy Techniques has particularly influenced Sara’s approach to bodywork. Sara is a certified assistant teacher in Daoist Medical Qigong and is working to receive her Teacher’s Certification. In addition to this practice, she enjoys being with her family, spending time in the water, doing artwork to explore her creativity, and running or hiking outside… as she is constantly learning and inspired by nature.

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Shasta Lee, Massage Therapist at Siskiyou Massage

Shasta Lee LMT

Oregon License #19272

Shasta Lee is a graduate of the Ashland Institute of Massage (AIM). He has been passionate about studying and training and has assisted in teaching advanced bodywork classes at AIM. Shasta has a very focused, educated and intuitive approach to bodywork. Aside from his clinical training in modalities such as myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and Swedish massage, Shasta brings his previous experience as a personal trainer to his sessions. In addition to working with clients at Siskiyou Massage, Shasta is pursuing a pre-med degree on the path to becoming an osteopathic doctor. During his bodywork sessions, it is Shasta’s intention to facilitate and hold a space for each client to find his or her optimum state of balance and well being. In his personal life Shasta practices martial arts and meditation, loves the outdoors of every season, and thoroughly enjoys exploring fantastical landscapes with his son. Shasta’s Articles: Traveling aches and pains: what can we do about it?

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Yaffa Rosenthal massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland

Yaffa Rosenthal LMT

Oregon License #8272

Yaffa Rosenthal has over 25 years experience in therapeutic massage. Her toolbox includes a wide variety of modalities to meet individual needs. Yaffa weaves a blend of Trigger Point Therapies, Myofascial Release, Swedish Techniques, Thai Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and more. She is known for her specific deep tissue work while also providing a nourishing atmosphere. Yaffa creates an intuitive healing massage integrated with clinical knowledge and skill. Yaffa’s work has developed from 30 years experience in personal growth, holistic wellness, shamanic studies, herbal studies  and sacred ceremony. She has facilitated classes in hypnotherapy, breath work, movement, music, yoga, and dance. Yaffa was born and raised in Chicago, and moved West at 22. She is a heart centered mother and grandmother. Her passions are hiking, swimming with whales, music, dance and world travel.

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