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    Whiplash Treatment
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    Prenatal Massage Therapy
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    Sports Massage
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Exceptional Massage Therapy - Southern Oregon
Siskiyou Massage Clinic is continually recognized as the top Massage Therapy practice in Ashland by Open Care.




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Siskiyou Massage
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 77 reviews
by Betsy on Siskiyou Massage

I had a 60 minutes massage with Jordan and wow. Jordan is extremely knowledgeable, gifted, compassionate and intuitive. My massage included stretching and deep pressure points. He was very careful to make sure that I felt safe and comfortable. I have to say that I’ve never had body work this before and I’m very happy to have met Jordan. Will return once a month for maintenance!

by Casey Sims on Siskiyou Massage
Supportive prenatal massage

Hannah Johnson supported me through my pregnancy. She was skilled, intuitive, and healing in her work. Receiving massages always feels like a vulnerable experience, which was just my compounded during pregnancy. I trusted her to guide me through my aches and pains. Thank you Hannah!

by Jon Aleshire on Siskiyou Massage
Exceptional Therapeutic Massage. REAL Therapy!

Hannah Johnson is Exceptional. Truly Exceptional. Hannah provides Real Therapy.

Hannah has the understanding and knowledge that the body is comprised of many different muscles, groups of muscles, and other components. Hannah knows that what happens "here" can and will/may impact the body in connected areas. She uses her LMT knowledge and professional experiences to treat a primary issue and every related component. Hannah will treat the ENTIRE Problem. She goes above and beyond for YOU. Professional Compassion provided via Therapeutic Massage.

Hannah is articulate. Hannah is focused and personable. She will bring the perfect mix of treatment to return you to homeostasis. Hannah has balance and will provide truly unimaginable results.

Nope, I didn't receive a discount or get paid to say this! I am not family or a friend outside of the massage center. Simply, Hannah is AMAZING!

by Helmut on Siskiyou Massage

Sherice is an exceptional massage therapist! I would add more rating stars to it!

by Henriette on Siskiyou Massage
Professional massage

I have had many massages in my life but Jordan is one of the best. He knows how to work with the muscles that have issues.

by Elizabeth on Siskiyou Massage
Best massage I’ve ever had

I had a massage with Jordan and it was probably the best massage I’ve ever had! He followed my tight and sore muscles in my back and hips, across joints, and opened up places I’m sure have never been worked on before. It felt like knots from 20 years ago were clearing. Whew!

by Lottie on Siskiyou Massage
Yaffa helped open my neck in new places

Yaffa went through my scalenes and platysma - and occipitals and under my collar bone and gave me much more needed relief on my neck, and range of motion. The past couple of sessions I have focused working with Yaffa on my neck and the front of my neck. She loves helping necks get out of pain, we cleared many trigger points and cranially unwound new places - It’s helping me recover from car accident.
I am super grateful. Thank you Yaffa for allowing us to work together to get deep into the vulnerability of places and stay with them for long periods of time in my neck.

Thank you for helping me heal.

by Larry on Siskiyou Massage
Excellent Massage

Great massage. Excellent facility, very professional, clean and comfortable. Highly recommend.

by Carly on Siskiyou Massage
Talented, Personable, All Around Wonderful!

So many great things to say about Liza! She has helped me tremendously post op. I know she has helped my recovery so much, and I always look forward to seeing her. Very personable, she is a great listener and checks in with me frequently during massage. I feel very comfortable with her, she is a wonderful addition to the Siskiyou team, Thanks Liza!

by Carol Kern on Siskiyou Massage
Great Relief!

Just letting Kaitlin know that I just did a 3-mile walk with the dog and experienced NO discomfort. Not even a twinge. Your work with me on the 12th was definitely successful. Wish I could see you every week! Thank you.

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  • Philip is the best massage therapist in Southern Oregon. I'm a physical therapist so I know good skills when I see them (or feel them). I highly recommend him.
    Jade Wilcoxson
  • I was referred to Siskiyou Massage soon after moving to this area early this year. There I found Philip, the best massage therapist I have ever experienced!! I strongly recommend him!!!
    Terry Brown
  • I've been going to Siskiyou Massage for about three months now. At my last appointment I was suffering from "gardner's back" and had difficulty standing from a seated position. After an hour of care I felt like a new person. Range of motion was back and pain and stiffness had subsided. The best massage therapy ever!
    Steve Davidson
  • Philip truly is a master therapist, blending intellectual knowledge of his science and intuitive listening and feeling. I drove from Portland for a one year postpartum therapy to address the strains and aches from pregnancy and then breastfeeding and carrying a baby. I learned a lot about my body, including the capacity for profound release and acceptance, and several days later still feel fantastic!
  • Siskiyou Massage is seriously the only place to go when you have pain or are recovering from athletic stress. I like that the experience has a problem/resolution focus instead of merely a surface feel-good focus. Spa treatments are okay, but they aren't really healing. Siskiyou Massage gives good therapeutic treatments, so it's something that can be part of my everyday life. Okay, maybe not every day (I wish) but certainly a couple times a month. Ashland residents should definitely discover.
    John Lee
  • I've been a patient at Siskiyou Massage for several years and I never felt better. Our sessions are productive and I am continually amazed by their knowledge of the body and how to correct those areas that get out of balance. Thanks Siskiyou Massage.
    Peter L
  • The Best of the Best.
    My massage therapist is an extremely gifted therapist who has helped me work through some neck and back injuries. He is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable of the body. I have also been to two other therapists. They are the best group of therapists I have ever found. I travel extensively, and am comforted that with my difficult schedule at least one of them is always available when I need help. They are truly the best of the best.
    Greg Capp
    I do not get massages frequently and when I do I want a professional therapist who can work the knots out and they do just that. They are absolutely terrific.
    Ed Taylor
    My therapist is an excellent massage therapist who is very skilled and accomplished. He has helped me with neck pain, sciatica and other aches and pains. Scheduling is a breeze and I've always received prompt and courteous attention. I highly recommend him!!
  • Superb, Meaningful.
    My first experience at Siskiyou Massage was both a meaningful and memorable one. My therapist's technique is superb. He took time to ask insightful questions, provided solid information about healthy detoxification dietary options and the massage was the perfect complement to the winter solstice time of moving inward and cleansing.
    Sascha Meier
  • Effective, Nurturing.
    What a fabulous environment to step into! Great team, friendly and efficient. Consistently wonderful massages. What you've created at your physical site and with the internet site is well planned and thoughtful.
    Cindy Meister
  • Philip definitely lends a new perspective to injuries that I tend to encounter doing sports at 59 yrs. of age. He gives an enlightened perspective to healing in contrast to the cut and sew remedies often recommended by traditional medicine. 2 thumbs up.
    Robbin Lacy
  • Siskiyou Massage is a lifesaver to me. I have never before had massage be so therapeutic. The focus is on healing, not just massage, and it is effective. The atmosphere is comfortable and soothing.
    Tina Ellis
  • Delicious Well-Being.
    The massage therapist treated so much more than the stiffness and aches I went in to see her for. My aches are gone, and more importantly, my sense of well-being has returned. She is not just extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and massage technique; she also has a gift for healing touch.
    Marga Laub
  • Effective.
    I rarely get as much massage as I would like, so when I do it is great to have such a knowledgeable and effective therapist. She understood the intricacies of my body and offered me exceptional relief for my neck pain. Thank You.
  • Subtle and Intuitive - very deep and strong.
    I was given a 1 1/2 hour massage as a gift and not knowing anything about Siskiyou Massage I picked a practitioner more or less at random. The therapist was, in a word, amazing. She was intuitive about what I needed, capable of going very deep, and still had an exquisitely subtle touch.
    Michael G
  • Wonderful Healing Massage.
    I have been to Siskiyou Massage several times, with various therapists and have always gotten up from the table feeling like a new person! The therapists are all well trained, and while each massage is different, each has been effective in treating my various body issues and pains. I highly recommend this facility.
  • Great massage, wonderful customer service!!!
    I have nothing but good things to say about Siskiyou Massage. They are 100% professional!..They have wonderful customer service. Their online appointment calendar is a very good service. And,the healing work I have received has been very helpful to my injury.
    Karen Rogers
  • I've noticed huge differences in my flexibility when I combine yoga and massage. Unwinding all the stiffness and knots releases energy to flow through my body with grace and ease. It is physically and emotionally healing. It is my health insurance. Thanks.
    Tom Rosasco
  • On my way to greater range of motion!
    I've only had two sessions, and I've already noticed increased range of motion, less pain. My therapist has great knowledge and skill, and I'm confident that together we'll further my flexibility and health.
    Amy Richard
  • Excellent Massage.
    My therapist is an outstanding massage practitioner with the ability to intuit the exact areas to give more attention to, how deep to go and how long to stay there. He's the best!
  • Fabulous as always and very healing - no more back and leg pain- feel really renewed- the space is so wonderful and quiet- thanks so much!
    Juli Teitelbaum
  • Wonderful massage.
    I have chronic shoulder pain and have tried many different therapies. This is the only time my shoulder has felt better weeks after the massage. Very caring and professional staff.
    Allison Phillips
  • Highest rating.
    I am so happy to have gotten a recommendation for Siskiyou Massage. My therapist has a phenomenal touch and has helped me get over some shoulder and back pain that has been bothering me for quite awhile. Can't recommend them highly enough.
    Eddie Wallace
  • Super Massage!
    The massage therapist focused a considerable amount of time on the issue I have with a bone spur in my left foot. She enlightened me as to the important role my calf muscles play with respect to feet. I found the whole massage experience soothing, relaxing and refreshing. She did a great job, and I will ask her for another massage the next time I'm in Ashland.
    Sally Swartz
  • Wonderful and Healing.
    THANK YOU! Always looking forward to the next massage.
    Darlene Beckett
  • He really tuned into my needs.
    I feel so much better today. After breast feeding for two years my shoulders and neck needed some serious work. The massage was deep, intuitive, and healing. I will absolutely be back for more!
    Sapphire Marsden
  • My therapist at Siskiyou Massage worked on me today and helped a bothersome painful situation. He is a terriffic expert with healing hands. thanks a bunch I WILL BE BACK SOON.
    Doug Neuman
  • Massage for injured shoulder.
    My massage therapist worked on a shoulder that I recently injured. As usual, his expert skills were effective and today I have a greater range of movement with much less pain. He is the greatest!! I am most grateful!!
    Terry Brown
  • I can turn my head again!
    I arrived at Siskiyou Massage with a very sore neck and limited mobility. The therapist I worked with diagnosed the problem, worked on my stressed/injured neck muscles , and showed me some exercises I can do at home to keep my neck from seizing up again. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and kind, and I highly recommend him.
    Amy Cuddy
  • Best Massage in Ashland.
    I've done a 100 hour massage training years ago and have received lots of massage. The therapists at Siskiyou Massage consistently give the best massages I've ever had...bar none.
    Tom P
  • Worth every cent.
    When I am in pain, or just needing consistent maintenance I am always impressed by the professionalism, aptitude and effectiveness of all the therapists at Siskiyou Massage. I hope they have a long life in Ashland, OR.
    Noah V
  • Knowledgeable Staff!
    I had a great first visit at Siskiyou Massage this week and I signed up for 2 more sessions in the next couple of weeks. I really appreciate the quality of touch, integrity of attention and knowledge-base with which you are working! I am a massage therapist as well, and I recognize quality work when I feel it ;-) Thank you!
    Sharon Dvora
  • Great for alleviating shoulder pain.
    I am a repeat client and I know that consistently I will receive a most effective therapeutic treatment. This session  was a welcomed relief for some ongoing shoulder pain. Many thanks.
  • Fantastic for back surgery rehabilitation!
    My first experience this week at Siskiyou Massage was an extremely positive one. My massage therapist was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable and safe. She was clearly very knowledgeable and experienced, and her touch always had the perfect amount of pressure. My body, mind and spirit felt great after my therapeutic session. I'm looking forward to my next visit! Grazie mille!
  • Siskiyou Massage Therapy is a very professional clinic. As a therapist myself I feel very attended to in a healing, therapeutic manner. I give thanks for all your hard work. You are a success.
    Yaffa R
  • Strong and sensitive.
    The therapist that worked with me is a very knowledgeable therapist. He did deep work with the sensitivity that is necessary when working on the deeper layers of dysfunction. My entire posture has changed since working with him. Thank You.
    Noah V
  • The therapist I work with has an exquisite sensitivity to my pain threshold, and a very useful knowledge of anatomy. Always leave feeling better.
    Carolyn G
  • My husband and I have been enjoying massages from Siskiyou Massage for over 5 years, and always look forward to our massage times. I have learned a lot about how my body works, and they have helped me in my recovery from cancer and its treatments.
    Jean L
  • Excellent Experience.
    My experience at Siskiyou Massage was excellent. I was met with professionalism, sensitivity, responsiveness to my needs, gentleness, and helpfulness. It was a very peaceful experience, and my body feels much better. I appreciate the energy and the expertise. I will certainly be returning.
    Alaya Ketani
  • What a relief.
    I am so grateful for the intelligent body work I experienced. I have a shoulder injury from a car accident that was diagnosed and treated with great care. I have a lot less pain and a lot more function.
    Kristi Heatherstone
  • Amazing work.
    I feel that I'm returning to my normal active life since coming to Siskiyou Massage. Not only is my massage therapist's work phenomenal, but he has taught me greater awareness of what I can do to assist in my own recovery.
    Amy Richard
    Juli Teitelbaum
  • 5 stars to my therapist at Siskiyou Massage for his superb massage techniques and heartful manner. I recommend him to anyone seeking the best in massage in Ashland.
    Julian Spalding
  • If you don't feel much better, try the hospital.
    I was most impressed by Philip. Few put as much attention and heart into their work as he did. Music played in my body when he was done. The space was comfortable and not distracting.
    Jeff Nielson
  • The best massage in the valley!
    I have been a loyal client of Philip Whiitmore for years, and now that he has established Siskiyou Massage, I see that he also knows how to choose the best massage therapists around to work for him. Easy to book online, reasonable rates, the best service.
    Barbara C
  • You guys ROCK!
    I have been a regular client of Jenny for some time, but when she was unavailable, I went with one of the other therapists. He is a top of the line therapist. I could hardly stay awake as he worked on some very sore shoulder muscles....how is that??? I feel confident to go to any of the therapists at Siskiyou Massage. I am always recommending this place to my friends. Keep up the great work!
    Cheryl M
  • Thank you.
    You are a skillful practitioner. I enjoyed our session, as usual. You are firm, gentle and accurate. Thank you so much I feel much improved.
    Greeley Wells
  • Exceptional Massage Therapy! Thankyou!
    I highly recommend Siskiyou Massage as I have always been greeted with a friendly vibe, treated professionally, and leave there feeling rejuvenated and nurtured. I have seen many of their therapists, and always feel confident that I will receive the care I need. Thankyou!
  • Just What I Needed.
    I had been suffering from an awful pinched nerve, and with just a half hour massage together combined with yoga, and salt baths, the stubborn knots no longer pinch. Thank you so much!
  • Each time I visit I get an excellent massage.
    After several visits and 4 different therapists I have grown to expect a thorough going over that leaves me in an altered state mentally and makes it tough to get off the table. I just want to stay in the dreamy condition for hours. Tip of the Hat to Siskiyou Massage.
  • Philip's the Bomb.
    Philip has known precisely how to address each of the multiple and sometimes debilitating injuries I have brought to his massage table. Without his knowledge, skill, and loving attention, I'd be crippled and depressed. Instead, I'm thriving and happy. Deep thanks to you, Philip, always.
    Keri Green
  • Old injury feeling much better...
    My therapist at Siskiyou Massage is a top-notch massage therapist. She worked on an old shoulder and neck injury and set things right again. My session was very thorough and left me feeling brand new. Thanks for keeping me moving!
  • My recent massage was fabulous and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants an expert massage experience. The heated table is also a welcome touch.
    Ronaldo R
  • Finally.
    I have had a hip problem for the past 2 years and have tried numbers of different treatment modalities and therapists. Finally I found Siskiyou Massage. My therapist not only accurately diagnosed the problem, but knew exactly how to treat it. I know I will need a number of sessions before full symptomatic relief, but I've finally found someone who knows what they are doing and how to address the problem.
    Marc Cooper
  • I have been having severe arthritic pain for months and am scheduled for a hip replacement soon. This massage is the first relief I have had and I am so grateful.
    Libby Appel
  • Very knowledgeable of many different healing modalities! Wonderful, amazing people! Peaceful, beautiful atmosphere. I would recommend their services to anyone.
    Sonja Mae
  • Love this place!
    The entire atmosphere at Siskiyou Massage is wonderful! Removing the shoes right away brings an 'at home' feel, along with the tea readily available. Everyone was very friendly and the massage was like no other I have ever had. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to you guys and will be back myself!
    Jolene Williams
  • Responsive to my needs while providing suggestions.
    Listened to my stated needs, made suggestions based on his observations and additional suggestions for future self care.
    Stephen B
  • Everything you promised and more.
    Thank you, for being receptive to my situation and for having staff on board who are skilled, sensitive and intuitive body workers. When I am in real need of serious bodywork, I always come to you, and always come away with profound healing in my body.
    Jessica Mycelia H
  • Responsive.
    My therapist always asks where I am at and what I need, and lately I have been giving him some challenges that he always meets with calm loving care and then exceeds my expectations. He is brillant!
    Patricia F
  • Exceptional Massage!
    Thank you Phillip! You listen with focus and kindness, and hold a sensitive and comforting space for complete validation and relaxation. The quality of your massage is unmatched and and I left the clinic feeling clear, balanced, and pain free! You made time to treat specific areas, AND my whole body felt addressed and cared for. Inspired and grateful!
  • Amazing Work
    My therapist at Siskiyou Massage is a truly gifted therapist. I have an old injury that hasn't responded to other types of therapy and after my first session with him I already had results. It's such a relief to experience the release and move on from all the old holding patterns that were limiting me. I can't tell you how much better I feel and with each visit a deeper layer gets released and I am that much more free in movement and from discomfort. Thank you. Your a life saver!
  • Professional and Competent
    Very competent and professional massage - an impressive level of generosity and mindfulness. Thank you!
  • As Good as a Noble Macchiato!
    I rate a massage by the "Master" Phil Whitmore as highly as I rate a shot of Noble espresso. Hands down, world's best. What are you waiting for - go get saved!
  • My Birthday Gift
    What a wonderful gift of a massage, I feel like a new person today! A very professional and relaxing place, love the heated massage table, I could have napped after right in the corner! Thanks
    Claudia H.
  • Philip's the Bomb!!
    As always, Philip is the Master...saw him for a post-marathon massage, and while not always "pleasurable", it was so incredibly effective at healing my battered muscles. He's so intuitive and responsive to your needs. No one better in the Valley and I recommend him to all, athlete or no!
    Jeremy E.
  • Gifted Compassion.
    My body has been altered in profound ways; My therapist listened to my wish list and worked with me accordingly. What a gift! I stand taller, and more fully integrated. Yes, I respond well to her healing touch!
    Linda W.
  • Excellent!
    I love being able to walk into a new community and find a good massage. Good for me is therapeutic and that is not always easy to find. My therapist was very well connected throughout the entire 1.5 hour session. I never felt his hands/body/mind were in different places - something important to me in a professional body worker. It helps that the owner, Phillip hand picks the staff. I love the walk in options and the option to select practitioners online.
    J. Satie
  • Relaxing, Beneficial Massage
    Siskiyou Massage provided the most beneficial massage to my ailing neck ever. I have had at least 100 massages in my day and this was definitely in the top three ever.
    Rus Miller
  • Siskiyou Massage realigned motorcyclist's touring body.
    When I booked the massage, I had serious mid-back fatigue, shoulder pain and hand numbness from a grueling 9 hour day in 100 degree heat through CA central valley. The therapist literally put me back in top form, pain free, for the next morning. The ride that day was painless.
    Anne R.
  • Got me back on the golf course.
    After a few days of overzealous weeding, I noticed pain in my left wrist. I did not pay much attention until I went to play a quick nine and had to quit after the first hole. On Thursday before my regular Saturday foursome, my wife took me to see our massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage who assessed the situation, explained it to us in words we could understand and got to work. I was absolutely AMAZED that I played unencumbered on Saturday! My only complaint - my wife now has me weeding again.
    Peter K.
  • I have had many massages at Siskiyou Massage and they really seem to help my body. I always feel taller leaving a session.  Always a treat to get the hour session because it goes by so quickly. These are the best massages I have ever had. BOOM
    Miles M.
  • Expectations exceeded
    When I asked for really deep tissue massage, I had no idea it might be deeper than I had ever experienced before, on the edge of what I could handle. Holly delivered one of the most intense massages I have ever had. Its results have been clearly terrific.
    Julia L.
  • Exceptional Care
    Siskiyou Massage has provided me with kindness, patience and unsurpassed care. I have returned time and time again as it is arguably the only place that leaves me, invariably, feeling both physically and mentally restored. I highly recommend their massage services and care to anyone seeking an important healing space in our community.
    Mo C.
  • Moving to Ashland.
    When I left my excellent masseur in Albuquerque, I wondered how I would replace him. Who could match his exceptional skills? Well, I discovered Siskiyou Massage. My therapist has unsurpassed ability to hone in on problem areas even before I know about them!
    Julian Spalding
  • Know their stuff!
    Siskiyou Massage is awesome. They are very professional, organized, and have established a nice clean environment. The therapists I have worked with took full interest in using their talents to identify root cause of my shoulder issue. And more, were able to clearly explain the probable cause, progression, and prognosis. Significant relief in the first session.
    David W.
  • professional and good value.
    I have had a lot of massages in my day and the good folks at Siskiyou were well above average body workers and did a fine and professional job when my husband and I came in for therapeutic massages. Bruce especially is a tough client because he has sever scoliosis and his back is very unique. He was very happy with his massage. Book an appointment with confidence.
    Michelle K.
  • Magic.
    Aging isn't easy. Things just don't work as well when you pass 65. Having been someone committed to physical well being, exercising daily, eating right, then having somatic issues (shoulder, hip, knee) arise was worrisome. But finding Siskiyou Massage has been the answer I was looking for. Their work with me along with with other healers has made a tremendous difference. Yep, I'd say they're magic.
  • Ten stars wouldn't be enough!
    Having a massage with Philip is like being loved by God. His quiet, gentle caring is felt in every move he makes. For me it is like being fed from the inside out. He has worked with me through several physical crises in his quiet, egoless, totally present way, and my life is enhanced by his sweet, professional touch. He is a humble master and a dedicated healer. Siskiyou Massage is his dream come true. And mine!
    Mouna Wilson
  • Moving Muscles. I can honestly say that I have never felt so many muscle groups move about as when I received this orthopedic massage. . . I am still feeling it today! My therapist made sure I was comfortable even though he had to work hard to make my muscles move. The room was warm and calming and the music soothing. My therapist was very kind AND effective, I'm moving more muscles Yipee! Thank you!
    Sandra B.
  • Siskiyou Massage is Wonderful!
    Thank you! I feel more freedom, fluidity and space in movement today, thanks to my massage! My therapist has the capacity and skill to listen to my needs and address them with care, quality, and presence. He is effective, but not forceful; efficient, but not rushed; specific, yet thorough; receptive and knowledgeable. He really takes his time, and I really appreciate that. Thanks!
  • A master of his craft.
    My regular monthly massages with my therapist are an important part of my good health. Each session comprises of a variety of techniques and the sessions are never the same. He has a unique sense of grace and expertise and I highly recommend him.
    Monica J.
  • Highly skilled
    I highly recommend Siskiyou Massage! I was referred to Siskiyou Massage for neck problems that I was experiencing. I had great results with the therapist's skills. He is a very compassionate and knowledgeable person! I also had a treatment with another therapist there. He is also a very skilled massage therapist and equally as compassionate!
  • Excellent.
    I was in a car accident and my neck needed help. As a Washington Massage Practitioner I know how much treatment can vary. I was impressed from the time Phillip answered the phone. He knew exactly what needed to be done to help me with billing the auto insurance and the atmosphere was great. The therapist I worked with was excellent! He used several different, gentle techniques and my muscles responded. I look forward to working with Siskiyou Massage for a long, long time.
    Deb Kero
  • An amazing place where healing happens.
    I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff at Siskiyou Massage. They really take the time to get to know your individual needs and concerns. I feel that they genuinely care about my healing. I would never go anywhere else.
    Jill P.
  • You're in good hands at Siskiyou Massage!
    I was intrigued by my therapist's background in engineering since I'm a PT with a mechanical focus. He has a nice way of connecting the dots between physical restrictions and pain relief. Excellent manual skills and a responsive touch. I haven't been this comfortable sitting in years!
  • Motor Vehicle Accident.
    Thanks so much for all you & everyone there has done to help me with this healing process. It is phenomenal how much better off my body is. I think I've probably seen half the staff there and can't imagine receiving more thoughtful, gentle, and effective care. It has been invaluable, please pass that on to everyone.  :)
  • I received a 1.5 hour massage in order to address a chronic pain/injury issue of 4 years for which I'd never found a massage therapist who could help, much less identify the pathway of my pain and muscular imbalances without my direction along the way. My therapist at Siskiyou Massage found them all by observing my joint movements and gently got into deep layers of muscles that have been chronically inflamed, setting them on their way towards a healthy relaxed state. I look forward to my next visit.
    Candace Y.
  • I really enjoyed my visit to Siskiyou Massage. You were welcoming, interested and genuine. Thanks for donating this "prize" to the JPR wine tasting.
  • My therapist's skills and body knowledge are truly amazing. At my last appointment I was suffering from "gardner's back" and had difficulty standing from a seated position. After an hour of her care I felt like a new person. Range of motion was back and pain and stiffness had subsided. The best massage therapy ever!
    Steve Davidson
  • I have had a hip problem for the past 2 years and have tried numbers of different treatment modalities and therapists. Finally I found Siskiyou Massage. My therapist not only accurately diagnosed the problem, but she knew exactly how to treat it. I know I will need a number of sessions before full symptomatic relief, but I've finally found someone who knows what they are doing and how to address the problem.
    Marc C.
  • The therapist that I work with at Siskiyou Massage knows his stuff! He has intuitive hands and knew how to follow the threads of stress to relieve my neck and shoulder pain. This is a very welcoming business and the manager is accommodating and genuinely nice.
  • They are masters! I have had several massages at Siskiyou Massage following a car accident in which I was rear-ended. I was diagnosed with a whiplash, and had tremendous round-the-clock pain, stiffness, and inhibited mobility in my neck, shoulders, and scapular area. My therapist worked with sure instincts, intensity, skill and focus to unravel knotted, twisted and tortured muscles and tendons. I previously thought release from this pain was improbable. Each miracle session brought more mobility and comfort. I am deeply grateful!
    Hyiah Sirah
  • Phil is exceptional in his work. He identifies problem areas through expert feel, and resolves them with an effective combination of movement and massage. His expert work will be missed as he moves away from body work and shifts into a focus on parenthood, but I hope he will return to the table in the future. He is a true gift!  
    Julie Newman
  • The therapists at Siskiyou Massage were able to relieve my chronic lower back pain and disabling spasms that had defied acupuncture, chiropractic and other massage approaches for years. I have permanent, not just temporary, relief thanks to their knowledgeable and innovative techniques. Each of the three therapists I saw provided different and highly effective approaches in a very relaxed and professional environment. As a former ballet dancer, I have had hundreds of massages all over the world in the last 35 years. Siskiyou Massage ranks at the top of the list!
  • I was also referred to Siskiyou Massage soon after moving here this year. I was afraid I might not find a masseur as good as the one I left in Albuquerque. They are excellent.
    Julian Spalding
  • I always have a positive experience at Siskiyou Massage. They are always attentive regarding my injury issues and apply their skills to help me heal. I highly recommend them.
    Carlotta L
  • My therapist is amazing. He is very in tune with the human body and was able to determine some of my habits, such as jaw clenching, by what my muscles were doing. He truly listens to what you say and what your body is telling him and creates a massage that is very effective and healing for you. I highly recommend him. In addition, at Siskiyou Massage you can book your appt on-line, choosing date, length of massage and the therapist you prefer. It's very easy and fast.
  • I always appreciate Siskiyou Massage because they're always there when I need them. After slipping on the ice this winter, having their help as part of the recovery is simply a great thing. They are always the perfect combination of professional, yet warm and caring.

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