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You think our massage therapists are awesome?

Check out the folks that keep it all running.

Rachel and Family Siskiyou Massage, Ashland Oregon

Rachel Sperry

Billing and Accounts Manager

Rachel Sperry brings friendly professionalism to everything that she does. She has multiple superpowers, among them organization and an incredible memory. Rachel handles all things insurance-related at Siskiyou Massage which means that you are in good hands!

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Mia Qualkinbush

Office Staff

Mia brings a strong sense of professionalism and kindness to everything that she does. She's been with Siskiyou Massage since July 2022. She's one of our superstars that not only keeps us operating efficiently but has a talent for keeping everyone happy and feeling well taken care of.

Philip Whitmore, Siskiyou Massage Ashland Oregon

Philip Whitmore

Clinic Director

Philip Whitmore is a treatment-oriented, orthopedic massage therapist and director of Siskiyou Massage. He received his initial training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1999 and has studied with leaders in the field of bodywork for more than two decades. He has taught classes and seminars on anatomy/physiology, myofascial release, and advanced treatment techniques in the United States and beyond.

Philip is not on the schedule for bodywork, but he is available for individual consultations and for group instruction in matters of bodywork and pain management.

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