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Superior service

Our service goes beyond superior massage.

We sweat the details to make it easy for you to begin your massage treatments. We offer our expertise in everything from billing MVA and health insurance to creating treatment plans tailored to help you meet your goals. 

Patient Status Reports

We would love to communicate with your other healthcare providers to create a cohesive team working together to meet your goals. When appropriate, we send our status reports to referring doctors, physical therapists, yoga teachers, or anyone else invested in your progress. Status reports can be sent to request a new prescription for massage, ask for treatment recommendations, or just to keep your other healthcare team members in the loop.

Warm. Clean. Inviting.

Your experience with us matters. We take great pleasure in creating a clean, welcoming environment. We treat our 125-year-old office, gardens and property with love, right down to the tidy parking lot! From our communication skills to the selection of teas in our lobby, everything is offered with utmost care. We appreciate the time you spend with us and do not take it for granted.

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