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Cara Morgan

Fern not only is amazing with her hands but a very lovely person who makes sure you are comfortable with her pressure as she works on you.

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Fern not only is amazing with her hands but a very lovely person who makes sure you are comfortable with her pressure as she works on you.

— Cara Morgan

Friendly therapist– I enjoyed the time. Shasta is a mountain biker, and it was nice to have a therapist who understands the sport. He gave an excellent massage and would recommend him to my bike friends. I require a lot of hip work, and he has effective techniques to help with that.

— Gracie Woodruff

Very knowledgeable about mobility and the body. Jordan is friendly and generous with his knowledge and desire to serve his clients. I appreciated his diligence in working on some tough knots. Most of all, I really felt seen as a person, not just a client.

— Gracie Woodruff

I discovered David when he was new to Siskiyou Massage, and I’ve become a devotee. He is a healer and a superb listener. I always feel 100% after a session with David. He gets to the root of whatever the injury, malady or weakness is. It’s remarkable! Highly recommended.

— Julia Milliken

David was wonderful! Perfect pressure, relaxing and helped my problem areas!

— Jenny O

SO helpful….and REWARDING…to know clearly that Melissa is really “with ” you when you are on her table…a sure way to relax and gain benefit

— Brandy Carson

Fern McEwen Is amazing! She is meticulous about making sure the pressure is correct and that the massage is made to order. It was relaxing and also really healing. I will be back to see Fern, she is an excellent massage therapist!!

— Katie Yasui

WOW! If I lived in Ashland, I would visit Shasta on a regular basis. He asked all the right questions when we met, and when he got to work, it was like he could read my body, too, and he responded to other issues that my body was experiencing. It was clear he was experienced in many different modalities, including myofascial release, and he used them all with great skill, unlocking some many areas in my neck, shoulders, and legs that had been stiff and out of balance. Because I booked last-minute, we only had 30 minutes, but he made every second of that time count. I was amazed at the improvement in my range of motion and overall comfort when I left — and I still feel GREAT. Thank you, Shasta!

— Alexandra

Megan was able to really focus on the parts of my body where I needed work. Her pressure was perfect throughout the massage and I felt like she was able to listen to what my body needed.

— Heather

I had my first session today with Eli. I am very impressed with the caring attention he gave to learning about my history and particular needs. I was surprised about how quickly he tuned into areas of my body that needed work and how thoroughly he explained what and why he was working as he did. He addressed the larger picture of some of the traumatized parts and was very clear about how each was connected to the other. It felt like he took the work much deeper and more accurately and therapeutically than anyone had done before. Eli’s skills are matched by a loving spirit and open heart it seemed to me.

— Jack Wiens

I had a very relaxing massage with Megan for the first time this week. She has an ability to zero in on problem areas with a strong yet gentle touch. She’s very willing to give feedback and make suggestions as to doing exercises at home, which I found very helpful. She has an empathetic, supportive, gentle way. I would highly recommend her and look forward to future sessions.

— Margarite

Just had my second massage with Eli. Having suffered from chronic neck pain for years, Eli is helping me achieve relief. His intuition is amazing. We work well together, often with no words. Very, very talented!

— Dan

Sherice was fantastic. She truly understands the body. I look forward to seeing her again.

— Jeff Theobald

As always, Melisa‘s bodywork is superior.

— Ronaldo

All of the therapists at Siskiyou Massage have been good; I think Eli is next level. Immediately went to where I needed the work. Tuned in to my body and my issues. I’ll be back to him whenever I can.

— Suzanne

Zellene Is Amazing!

Zellene really has a vast knowledge of modalities, and her craniosacral technique was so beneficial to me!

— Charles Carraway

My massage with Zellene was a real treat. She took great care in learning about my needs and history and she identified a few areas that needed extra attention.

— Kat

Jordan is a skilled body worker, with a deep knowledge of anatomy and sensitivity to the layers of muscles. My appointment was a combination of sensitive massage and deeper release of tensions in my body. I learned quite a few things from him and received great advice on ways to improve my flexibliity and reduce my pain. I highly recommend him!

— Elizabeth

Sherice is a true healer…my favorite MT out of the many I have seen. I just saw her today and I feel so much better. Highly recommended.

— Jeff Martin

Still integrating the magic and healing from my massage with Laura. She provides a safe and relaxing space. Her strength and knowledge of the body mixed with intuition guide her to provide a deeply healing experience. She helped ease lots of tension in my shoulders and neck and was able to tend to my whole body in the time provide, a truly gifted healer.

— Holly

I have received and given many types of body work over 40 years, and

I received an exceptional session with James, with unparalleled relief in my neck and feet especially. Today is the following day, and I am maintaining many of the changes of yesterday.

James has lovely presence and awareness and is very sensitive and professional.

I could not recommend someone more highly!

— Elizabeth

Eli is an incredibly gifted & intuitive clinician. I feel very fortunate to have experienced his touch & expertise.

— Beth

Melissa is incredibly intuitive and compassionate. She was very present for my entire session from the moment I walked into her room. She really focused in on what my needs were and also gave me tips for ways I could care for myself to stay feeling my best and continue on my journey of healing, Her massage work was absolutely amazing and left me feeling relaxed, at peace and so much better. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants body work that is above and beyond just a massage.

— Carrie Owen

Just had my second massage from Melissa and she is top notch in her work. Wonderful deep tissue body work which gives me just what I needed. Thank you Melissa.

— Ronaldo

Before seeing Eli I was dealing with significant pain from a repetitive strain injury. I’d been going to occupational therapy, treating with a brace and KT tape, and doing all the usual things one does to treat an injury with only incremental progress. After just two sessions with Eli my pain was completely gone. I am now working with him to maintain the progress made, and generally manage stress. I have found him to be respectful, skilled, knowledgeable, and a generally soothing presence. I highly recommend him for those dealing with soft tissue injuries and pain.

— Audrey

I have always struggled to find a massage therapist who really gets deep into my muscles and tissue to release tension, and often times I would leave massages feeling unsatisfied and still in pain. Jordan is the first therapist I’ve worked with who I feel like truly goes deep and really puts in the effort to release tension. If you’re looking for a deep tissue massage I would definitely recommend seeing Jordan!

— Madalynn

Zellene’s strong hands really took care of me. The pressure was perfect. I liked that we started with me on my back as having head, scalp and neck massaged helped me relax right from the start.

I left feeling relaxed and energized.

— Selene

Laura is a wonderful masseuse. Her knowledge of the body, combined with her intuitive knowledge makes her extremely sensitive to the needs of her clients. Her calm presence and the safe, beautiful atmosphere of Siskiyou Massage make for a wonderful healing experience.

— Judy Peddicord

Jordan was able to show me exactly why my lower back pain is persistent, my hips are starting to become uneven, and then he worked on those areas and showed me some stretches to help. I have been going to the same chiropractor for 10 years and this massage will help me more than those 10 years. His unique techniques left me feeling present in my body and lighter. I released a lot of tension and felt comfortable doing so. A truly great massage and I will be back.

— Sara Rose Bonetti

I just had my first massage with Sherice. She was excellent–and I speak as one who has had many massage therapists.

— Sharon Dean

First of all, Jordan is absolutely a wonderful human. I am able to read people fairly quickly and my quick assessment was spot on. I even tipped him before the massage! ? His demeanor, professionalism, and KNOWLEDGE, exceeds most. He truly enjoys what he does and it shows. We were able to work together to develop a plan for me for my chronic left ankle pain, neck and other various spots we found. He is also a therapeutic individual and nonjudgmental. I felt very comfortable with him. THANKS AGAIN! I’ll be waiting and watching that cancellation list!

— Amy Khiel

I was not sure what to expect for my first massage but I had been experiencing a numb hand and shoulder pain for years. A doctor recommended massage therapy and I can’t say enough good about her. She is outstanding! I haven’t had numbness since seeing her. I really appreciate all she has done in only two sessions. She also is very calming and allows for true relaxation ??

— Shanell Sanchez

I’ve never had a therapist work so hard to release my knotty body!

She is super strong using numerous release techniques. Very prompt to be in too.

— Patricia

Sherice was wonderful. I so needed a deep release after over use on the computer. Felt amazing afterwards and still do,, I will be back.

— Ginny

My massage experience with Sherice was most beautiful! She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had during many years of visiting massage clinics! Thank you Sherice for your massage and care!

— Helmut

I’m so glad I found Siskiyou Massage! Jordan is clearly a pro and knows his stuff. He helped alleviate my lower back pain and had a very holistic approach to healing.

— Kayla

Freeland is an excellent therapeutic massage therapist. He is well versed in the eclectic “style” of fluid bodywork that includes deep tissue work. I feel renewed and relaxed after each session. I highly recommend him.

— Betsy Bishop

I’ve been receiving regular massages from Laura for chronic post surgical pain. She is amazing and it’s clear she brings extensive knowledge of the body to her practice. Her presence is very calming and she exudes strength. She can get very deep into tissues, integrates extra movements and pillows to open up and realign the body. Laura uses her time very effectively and finds the tough spots you don’t even know you have. She is definitely helping me through my healing process.

— Erin

Philip is simply THE BEST in his field of muscular massage therapy and pain relief. He is one of those rare therapists who can relieve pain and trauma without creating residual soreness and toxins. I am so grateful that he returned to client treatment for a few weeks just when I needed him. His team at Siskiyou Massage is abundantly fortunate to have this fine man as their trainer and guide as he continues to better and share his own skills.

— Cindy Ceteras

Philip truly is a master therapist, blending intellectual knowledge of his science and intuitive listening and feeling. I drove from Portland for a one year postpartum therapy to address the strains and aches from pregnancy and then breastfeeding and carrying a baby. I learned a lot about my body, including the capacity for profound release and acceptance, and several days later still feel fantastic!

— Leighla

I was referred to Siskiyou Massage soon after moving to this area early this year. There I found Philip, the best massage therapist I have ever experienced!! I strongly recommend him!!!

— Terry Brown

Philip is the best massage therapist in Southern Oregon. I’m a physical therapist so I know good skills when I see them (or feel them). I highly recommend him.

— Jade Wilcoxson

Phil is exceptional in his work. He identifies problem areas through expert feel, and resolves them with an effective combination of movement and massage. His expert work will be missed as he moves away from body work and shifts into a focus on parenthood, but I hope he will return to the table in the future. He is a true gift!

— Julie Newman

The best massage in the valley! I have been a loyal client of Philip Whiitmore for years, and now that he has established Siskiyou Massage, I see that he also knows how to choose the best massage therapists around to work for him. Easy to book online, reasonable rates, the best service.

— Barbara C

If you don’t feel much better, try the hospital. I was most impressed by Philip. Few put as much attention and heart into their work as he did. Music played in my body when he was done. The space was comfortable and not distracting.

— Jeff Nielson

Ten stars wouldn’t be enough! Having a massage with Philip is like being loved by God. His quiet, gentle caring is felt in every move he makes. For me it is like being fed from the inside out. He has worked with me through several physical crises in his quiet, egoless, totally present way, and my life is enhanced by his sweet, professional touch. He is a humble master and a dedicated healer. Siskiyou Massage is his dream come true. And mine!

— Mouna Wilson

Shasta provided me with an exceptional massage experience. His calming voice addressed all my questions, the music he chose was exactly what I needed, the pressure he used was perfect. After driving 800 miles I had some neck and shoulder issues that he deftly worked out. It was exactly what I needed.

— Melissa