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Featured Therapist – Cate Airoldi

Our featured Massage Therapist this month is Cate Airoldi. As a competitive ultrarunner and lifelong athlete, Cate brings a movement-related perspective to her bodywork, effectively addressing a multitude of common orthopedic issues.

Cate has been at Siskiyou Massage for  5 years. She works with a wide range of clientele. Largely those folks who are coming in for some sort of specific soft tissue complaint. They might be people who have been in motor vehicle accidents,  have a sports injury, recovering from some sort of surgery, or they are dealing with chronic long term pain. As Cate says:

“I love the puzzle of tracing pain to it’s source in the body and that can be quite a journey for a lot of people.”

Cate works collaboratively in session with her clients to get them back to a space of health and wellness in their lives. She enjoys seeing clients who are taking a proactive stance in their own health and view massage therapy as a really essential part of their health care regimen, both from a preventative standpoint to prevent future injury and dysfunction and from a standpoint of integrating this part of health with everything else that they do on a day-to-day basis to maintain their health.

She loves seeing people return to a point where they can get back to doing what they want to do in a way that’s healthful and sustainable.

Cate uses a wide-range of modalities in her work. A lot of them are myofascially based and Cate walks you through them in her video below.