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Featured Therapist – Jessica Masters-Hill

Our featured massage therapist this month is Jessica Masters-Hill. Jessica has worked at Siskiyou Massage Center for the last two and a half years. She has been a therapist for six and a half years in the State of Oregon and loves being a body worker!

Jessica is a soft tissue specialist predominately working with connective tissues and fascia and the muscles which are encased in fascia. She has a broad comprehensive study of anatomy and physiology so a lot of her work stems from understanding how everything she does affects the whole.

Here’s how Jessica describes her work:

“What I love about massage is every individual is so different. I can provide a stimulus and it’s up to the individual to respond to that stimulus and so we have varied outcomes based on where that individual is at. I do a lot of range of motion assessments. Everything I do is an assessment of how the body is responding. Whether it’s hydrated, how pliable it is, where is the movement and where is the restriction and using that as a constant assessment to dictate how the session moves from then on.

“So, while everything is an assessment of what’s going on in a specific joint, I also have a good knowledge of structural integration. How what affects one joint will affect other joints in different locations of the body and looking at basic structural integrity of the whole system.

“One of the biggest benefits of massage is I allow a bit of an insight into that sub-conscious framework your body is constantly undergoing and bringing that consciousness to have awareness of the things your body handles without you knowing about it on a daily basis. So, bringing more awareness to each individual and allowing that awareness to then dictate future decisions in their life. That can be really profound for people.”

Some of the techniques Jessica uses include Myofascial Release and Myofascial Active Cupping. Watch Jessica’s video here for a demonstration of both techniques.

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If you would like to make an appointment with Jessica, call Siskiyou Massage or book any time here on out website