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First Impressions from the Front Desk

First Impressions From the Office of a Busy Massage Clinic

By Erika Meidl

Hello!  My  name is Erika. I am one of two new-hires here at Siskiyou Massage—the other newcomer is Scott—and we cover the front desk along with Regina and Phil (the owner/Director of the clinic).

As a newcomer to the Clinic, I have had the opportunity to observe the daily operation from the perspective of someone very new to the world of therapeutic massage.  Indeed, I have never had a massage in my life (which I plan to remedy very soon, by the way). I wanted to share with you some of what I have experienced in my first weeks here.

I think the most dramatic first impression is the well being of our clients. Every day I watch people enter our front door and I can see/sense the pain or stress they are in/under —  in their walk, their posture, their face and eyes, etc. — and after an hour or so with one of our therapists, they emerge from their session looking as if they are almost floating  (in fact, many actually use that word); they are smiling, and they are relieved/released from the discomfort they brought in with them. It is truly remarkable to witness the positive, healing impact our clinic has.

Another remarkable impression comes from watching the steady progress of our clients who have been in motor vehicle accidents.  As the weeks go by, the clients get stronger and stronger as the massage therapy works its magic. It is wonderful to watch the healing happen for them. Also spectacular is the relief the clinic offers to those who suffer from chronic pain. And then, of course, there is always the treat of pampering yourself or a friend by enjoying a massage for its own sake!

On that note, please allow me to mention the amazing therapists here – all of whom have training over and above what is required by the state.  Each therapist is constantly engaged in professional development and actively improving his/her knowledge and skills; this dedication to their craft is made obvious in the successful progress of their clients.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and share some of my impressions. Please forgive me if I sound like a commercial here,  but I offer the above in all sincerity. Those of you who have been here are probably nodding in agreement; those who have not visited us yet will understand what I mean when you do. Hope to see you soon!