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We are a select group of independently contracted massage therapists. With our reliability and our exceptional experience and skills, we are the go-to massage center for Southern Oregon. Our clientele is made up of local residents and those visiting our area. In addition, we are counted on by dozens of doctors and chiropractors throughout the Rogue Valley who refer their patients to us with confidence.

You can be sure that the massage therapists that work with Siskiyou Massage are expertly trained and highly skilled. We will put you at ease as you enjoy massage therapy specifically tailored to your preferences and requirements. Consisting of some of the best massage therapists in Southern Oregon, the Siskiyou Massage team’s first priority is providing results-oriented massage therapy to residents and visitors in the Rogue Valley.

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Freeland Williams is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Freeland Williams LMT

Oregon License #25230

Freeland William’s goal in each session is to affect a positive change that improves the quality of life for his clients. Using an integrative approach, his wide-ranging skill-set allows for each session to be customized to suit the individual need. His toolbox includes modalities such as Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue work, Trager method, trigger point therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy. His “style” of bodywork is fluid and typically includes elements of Thai massage and Lomi Lomi. After receiving his first professional massage at the age of 14, Freeland discovered the satisfaction of helping others to achieve physical and mental wellbeing. As a graduate of two full-length massage school programs encompassing over 1,000 hours of formal training, Freeland has found his calling in pain management and injury recovery. Hailing from the East Coast, Freeland is a happy transplant to the Rogue Valley.

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Hannah Johnson is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Hannah Johnson LMT

Oregon License #23436

Hannah Johnson has been working full time in the field of massage therapy for the last 7 years with a focus on providing pain relief, tension release, and healthy therapeutic touch. Through the use of trigger point therapy, advanced deep tissue, medical massage, and a variety of other modalities, Hannah’s approach to her work is truly integrative. Utilizing her skills in foot reflexology, pregnancy, myofascial, breathwork, and tools and techniques, Hannah’s intention is to create shifts in and support her clients’ personal sense of balance, center, and comfort level within their body. She is inspired by the use of massage therapy as a valuable tool for one’s recovery, health, and vitality. Over the years, Hannah has cultivated a true sense of sensitivity to not only the muscles and tissues of the body, but also the emotional, energetic, and very personal journeys her clients face while embarking on their journey of overall wellness. Hannah is honored to team up with the clients she treats to aid in the process of healthy and happy lifestyles. As a licensed professional, Hannah appreciates the impact that massage therapy can provide to the health of the body, mind, and spirit of the individual and seeks to ensure her clients’ sense of well-being by focusing on supporting, assisting, and increasing the healing process throughout each of her sessions. Skilled, intuitive, and caring, Hannah provides manual therapy as an avenue of healing, care, and well-being to everyone who receives her healthy therapeutic touch.

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Jordan Farah, LMT works at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland, Oregon

Jordan Farah LMT

Oregon License #24707

Jordan Farah incorporates a collection of skill sets and areas of knowledge including advanced myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy. His work is deep, transformative, and intuitive. With his clients, Jordan helps pinpoint areas of concern regarding body mechanics and postural adaptations and works with them to set achievable goals. Other specialties include Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM or Gua Sha), cupping, trigger point therapy, and Shiatsu. Jordan graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in Portland and began practicing therapeutic massage in 2018. As a second-generation massage therapist, holistic health, nutrition, and massage therapy have been integrated throughout his entire life. Jordan has a strong desire to continue learning. He has been drawn to explore how the body maintains mobility and function and understanding dysfunctional patterns. His unique style of bodywork may be attributed in part to his background and interest in construction and engineering. He has calm patience and listens well to his clients; which together with everything else helps create an effective and innovative massage treatment.

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Laura Mata is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland

Laura Mata LMT

Oregon License #25040

Laura Mata graduated from The Hawaiian Islands School of Massage in Kealakekua Bay with 800 hours of Medical Massage training.  Her training included extensive coursework in human anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology.  She has been a licensed practicing massage therapist since 2007.  In 2012 she completed 500 hour Tantra Yoga Teacher training certification. She is an initiated practitioner in Kalari martial arts and holds a BA in Dance Ethnology. She had the cherished opportunity to study traditional Hawaiian teachings and hula on Kaua’i for 7 years.  Two decades of somatic awareness and movement are brought to her keen intuition and highly developed understanding of the body and its bio intelligence. She believes in the innate power of the body to heal and transform itself.  By changing the holding patterns of our bodies we can change the way we perceive, internalize and interact with our environment.  Her dedication to self-inquiry has led her to deeply study the nature of trauma, injury and illness as a whole; evolving her work into a holistic approach with a blend of cross-cultural knowledge and awareness.

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Philip Whitmore is the director of Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Philip Whitmore LMT

Oregon License #11678

Philip Whitmore is a treatment-oriented orthopedic massage therapist and director of Siskiyou Massage Clinic. He received his initial training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1999 and has since studied with leaders in the field of bodywork all over the country. Philip is passionate about keeping up with current treatment practices through regular continuing education and just as passionate about sharing that knowledge. He has taught classes and seminars on anatomy/physiology, myofascial release and advanced treatment techniques in the United States and abroad. Philip is not currently on the schedule for bodywork, but he is available for individual consultations and for group instruction in matters of bodywork and pain management. What folks have to say about Philip:  

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Sara Garrett LMT

Oregon License #21131

Identifying improved approaches and enhancing people’s lives and wellbeing through bodywork are activities that drive and inspire Sara Garrett. There is nothing better than delighting a client with effective goal-oriented bodywork. Contributions to Sara’s abilities as a professional massage therapist revolve around her essential blend of deep compassion for her clients and knowledge and training in a broad range of styles and methods. In her career, Sara has excelled in therapeutic work with clients who experience chronic issues with much success. Her work is blended with orthopedic massage techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial work as well as Shiatsu, sports massage, and deep tissue techniques. Sara has a strong understanding of kinesiology and how injuries affect other areas of the body. She loves to work with clients to overcome issues in their low-backs, sciatica problems, shoulder girdle, arms, and hands especially, but is more than capable of working with all clients with any goals.

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Brian Shasta Lee is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland

Shasta Lee LMT

Oregon License #19272

Shasta Lee is a graduate of the Ashland Institute of Massage (AIM). He has been passionate about studying and training and has assisted in teaching advanced bodywork classes at AIM. Shasta has a very focused, educated and intuitive approach to bodywork. Aside from his clinical training in modalities such as myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and Swedish massage, Shasta brings his previous experience as a personal trainer to his sessions. In addition to working with clients at Siskiyou Massage, Shasta is pursuing a pre-med degree on the path to becoming an osteopathic doctor. During his bodywork sessions, it is Shasta’s intention to facilitate and hold a space for each client to find his or her optimum state of balance and well being. In his personal life Shasta practices martial arts and meditation, loves the outdoors of every season, and thoroughly enjoys exploring fantastical landscapes with his son. Shasta’s Articles: Traveling aches and pains: what can we do about it?

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Sherice Snee is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Sherice Snee LMT

Oregon License #25730

Sherice Snee is an orthopedic and sports massage therapist with specialties in neuromuscular work that includes myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and muscle energy techniques. Other tools she works with include craniosacral therapy and she is a Reiki Master. She has a passion for bodywork; after experiencing multiple motor vehicle accidents, she got busy healing herself. Frustrated that she could not find the therapist she needed to holistically aid in healing and compliment the muscular-skeletal work she was receiving from her chiropractor, she decided to become a massage therapist and help those who need assistance in their healing process or to just feel good in their skin. She studied orthopedic and sport massage therapies at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. She became Kinesiology tape certified and has continued studying neuromuscular therapy; in particular, she has a strong interest in trigger point therapy. She loves helping others achieve their goals of health and vitality and offers therapeutic touch and education as a means of understanding their body’s path to wellness.

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