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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can help create a more comfortable and relaxed pregnancy.

It's common knowledge that babies in the womb are affected by their mother’s health and well-being. Expecting mothers watch what they eat and treat their bodies with extra care as their bellies grow. They read to their babies and play music for them as a way of nurturing and bonding with them. Massage can also play an important role during those precious prenatal months for helping mom and baby to relax together, both physically and mentally.

Studies consistently confirm that prenatal massage is a healthy choice for both mom and baby. Massage during pregnancy can help reduce swelling, nerve pain (such as sciatic pain), back pain, and headaches, increase circulation and improve sleep.  The American Pregnancy Association recognizes that prenatal massage helps reduce stress hormones while increasing dopamine and serotonin levels, which helps support a relaxed, uplifted mood. These hormone changes are also linked with fewer labor complications and a healthy birth weight.

At Siskiyou Massage, we treat women before, throughout, and after their pregnancy. We shift techniques and positioning as needed for each stage or pregnancy, with attention to each individual's needs, focusing on the comfort and health of both mother and baby.