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Spring at the Massage Therapy Clinic

Thoughts on a Beautiful Spring Morning

By Erika Meidl

New life everywhere
Scents and colors harmonize
In April gardens


Spring Flowers in Siskiyou Massage gardens

We are so fortunate to have Master Gardener, Jenny Kuehnle, care for our grounds here at Siskiyou Massage; she designs constant surprises for us—from the most delicate ground covers to flowers and bushes and trees. Such an amazing art/skill, and such fun to look forward to what will be new and blooming when I come in to work each day!

And we have plants everywhere inside our clinic as well – all of which are stretching their new springtime growth. We have a truly lovely, peaceful space here – calming music, cheerful windows, comfy chairs, colorful area rugs on rich hardwood floors, the walls filled with the work of local artists, and Phil’s (our clinic Director) wooden and porcelain elephants adding to the overall decor. Hot tea is always available and cool filtered water, to add to the relaxing experience.

And all of this before the massage even begins!