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The Privilege of Falling Down

The Privilege of Falling Down

By Scott Toll

Siskiyou Massage cycling sports injuries

I fell down the other day at the 60-mile mark of the 110-mile Rogue Flahute endurance road cycling ride! This challenging event navigates along many of the most beautiful paved, or graveled country roads located within our immediate Valley. Though the fall was not entirely my fault, the fall was entirely my own!

Most long-term road cyclists can tell you about the thoughts and emotions that course through one’s mind as you are jettisoned, for whatever reason, off your bike like a speeding missile toward the hard, pebble-studded surface of the asphalt road. They could also recall in great detail the feeling of making contact, and skidding along at velocity on top of said surface. It’s not pleasant, but it does make for lasting memories!

Curses to the great gods of sport usually start flowing about mid-air, and continue in attempt to conceal, or postpone the inevitable burn of pain that follows within seconds of the fatal error, and upon making contact with the hard, unforgiving pavement. Once, as wits are gained, and the immediate moment is reclaimed, a fallen rider will scan, first her body, then her helmet, then her bike for injury, or damage. Anything out of place is feared, and the severity of any will determine the escalation of action that is to follow.

My personal inspection found pain, missing skin, and the inevitable bloody, and dreaded road rash, but nothing that would stop me from picking myself up off the pavement, remounting my bike, adjusting the shift and brake lever, and pedaling off to finish what was to be an arduous, but rewarding ride.

What, you might ask; does my own traumatic experience of “falling” have to do with the Siskiyou Massage Clinic? And, why dedicate a blog post to the retelling? Our Team of therapists and office assistants see people daily who are suffering with varying degrees of pain. They each have in one way or another “fallen” – or, so it may seem. Life happens and we get “thrown” off our routine, either by accident, injury, illness, or from the stress of daily living. Through “falling” each of us is given the privilege to experience the grist of life – that which makes us feel “life”, or “alive”. If we did not fall, we could not seize the opportunity to gracefully experience the healing.

For me, I’ll clean things up, and begin the healing – mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally using massage therapy as my main vehicle for change e.g. repair and recovery. My friends and colleagues here at the clinic will skillfully and sensitively aid me with my work – and, facilitate the transitions that inevitably happen when I accept “falling down” as a privilege, and not an accident. Here at Siskiyou Massage, we are ALL dedicated to your healing, and look forward to serving your needs.


Scott Toll

***Scott Toll has recently joined the Massage Therapy Clinic as a Medical Receptionist after years of falling down, getting up, showing up, and moving forward. He looks forward to meeting everyone who comes to the clinic with his or her own story of “Grace and Grit”.