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James Teepe LMT

Oregon License No 14895

James Teepe is trained in Structural Integration, a modality based on the teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf. With deep knowledge of anatomy, function, and movement therapy, James strives to work in partnership with people who would like more balance, ease, and freedom in their relation to gravity and themselves. Working as deeply as the client likes, he works to break up adhesions, shift aberrant patterns, and help to restore a more cohesive flow to the physical form. He has studied exercise therapy and rehab as well as learning the relationship between the muscles, bones, and movement.

In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, James is a clinical herbalist and a holistic health student who lives on a 20-acre homestead with his wife and daughters. He approaches bodywork with experience and skill balanced with a grounded, earth-based awareness. James looks forward to supporting clients of Siskiyou Massage to attain their goals and move with greater freedom.

James greets his clients with respect, knowledge, and awareness. He graduated from The Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork in 2005 and returned the next year to be a teacher’s assistant. James has been in private practice for 17 years and looks forward to sharing his experience with the clients of Siskiyou Massage.


I have received and given many types of body work over 40 years, and

I received an exceptional session with James, with unparalleled relief in my neck and feet especially. Today is the following day, and I am maintaining many of the changes of yesterday.

James has lovely presence and awareness and is very sensitive and professional.

I could not recommend someone more highly!

Good things have been said.