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There are a few therapists at Siskiyou Massage whose practice is unique enough to require a page for explanation. Andrey Pravda is certainly one of those therapists. In short, his work is incredibly effective at helping our bodies make positive changes while it is also comforting and relaxing. Andrey developed his bodywork style from his initial training in Ukraine in osteopathic techniques and equine bodywork and continued that through his many years as a massage therapist in the United States. Below is Andrey’s description of his work:

This type of healing practice is based on two different systems of bodywork. The first one works with the network of meridians described by Oriental medicine and the second one looks into the myofascial system, including the fascia, ligaments and tendons. These two systems are treated using modern medicine theory by way of different techniques such as myofascial release (MFR), osteopathic manipulative treatment, and manual therapy.

The principals behind the two approaches are, in fact, similar. Much like meridians, fascial lines run through the entire body; from finger and toe tips, to the crown of the head. The meridians and the fascial lines very often coincide.

By working along those lines (by applying pressure, stretching or vibration), we aim for improving the blood flow and relaxing the muscle mass. In this way we can free up the zones of lymphatic stagnation, ligamentous apparatus around the joints and work to achieve whole body alignment.

This system was created based on both the Eastern and the Western schools of thought. Elements of Japanese Shiatsu, Indian yoga and Chinese Chi Kong come from the East, while some elements of Soviet School of Manual Therapy, combined with Post Isometric Relaxation, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and MFR hail from the West.

Both of those strata join forces to make this method work.

Pinched nerves and overstretched muscles, dislocations and joint pain, headaches, scoliosis, chronic low back pain and sport trauma – every one of these conditions may be alleviated by implementing this system.

The actual bodywork is done in three positions; standing up, sitting and lying down (the bulk of time).

When the patient is standing up, we are working on stretching the basic fascial lines (force lines). Sitting, we work on the arm meridians and acupressure points of the head and neck. Lying down, we work on the basic meridians and the very particular problem spots for every singular case.

The most beneficial thing for the client is to be relaxed and comfortable during the course of treatment. It would be really helpful in that respect to wear convenient clothing. Ideally, a camisole, loose tee or comfortable undergarments and/or shorts for women and shorts/comfortable underwear for men. We also have pairs of comfortable, loose fitting scrubs at Siskiyou Massage that clients can choose to wear.

Andrey Pravda is a massage therapist at Siskiyou Massage in Ashland Oregon

Andrey Pravda, LMT

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