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We Love Our Therapists

At Siskiyou Massage we want our therapists to have the best working environment possible so they are free to focus on our clients, giving them exceptional massage treatment. Our therapists are expertly trained and highly skilled in providing results-oriented massage therapy to residents and visitors to the Rouge Valley.

Therapist Work Station

Massage Therapist Work Station

That’s why, when we renovated our new premises, we thought through what our therapists need to help them provide the best possible service.

We started with a work station complete with computers so client records of treatment sessions could be written after each appointment effortlessly.

Massage Therapy is physical work so we also wanted to provide a space where our therapists could rest and relax between treatments and  where they could prepare and eat lunch or snacks. So we incorporated a kitchen for their use in our design. We also included dining and seating areas inside. Then we added an outdoor patio seating area for fresh air, sunshine and the great view of our area. With easy parking and a covered bike rack Therapists are set to go when they arrive at Siskiyou Massage Center.


Massage Therapists Kitchen Area

Area for massage Therapists to relax

Dining and Relaxation Area


Patio Seating

Outdoor Seating For Therapists

Patio Seating

Patio Seating For Therapists

When our clients schedule an appointment we are able to direct them to the right Massage Therapist for their individual needs because we have such an amazing team of experts. You can read about them here… So, if you are a Massage Therapist in the Rogue Valley looking for a new home let’s talk and we’ll see if you fit with our team at Siskiyou Massage Center.

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